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We are bringing the concept of tapas and making it our own.
Tapa recipes are redolent of the several cultures that have left their gastronomic mark on Spanish gastronomy, from the Romans, taste for sausages (salcicia), to the Arabs’ refined use of spices.

At TaBar we believe Slovenia is much like Spain in this particular aspect. Settled in between the famous Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and the Mediteranian Sea it brings its strong character to the table and builds on the best gastronomic influences that defined its unique place in this world. The result is reflected at TaBar, with its stratified cuisine, a mouthful bits, Slovenian in character, but flexible enough for updating to a modern lifestyle.

TaBar is hence envisioned as a Slovenian tapas and wine bar, where you can enjoy the many special delicacies prepared with a tapas twist and taste a variety of beautiful wines. It is a meeting place with the perfect atmosphere, where fresh local ingredients and good wines are most important and where the open kitchen allows you to get a direct sense of the world of flavour. Set in the heart of Ljubljana's historic city centre you can visit TaBar for a meal, a snack or just a glass of wine.